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rom&nd Blur Fudge Tint

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Get velvety-soft and vibrant lips with the Romand Blur Fudge Tint!

Fudge spreading on your lips! It's a completely matte finish without any glow.

Coming in a large range of soft and vibrant shades, these mask-proof and velvety lip tints are the perfect all-day accessory for comfortable, everyday wear. 

This lip tint layers on sheerly so you can get the perfect colour intensity to go with your look.

With a matte and lightweight finish, this lip tint sits comfortably on your lips all day long.

The colours are buildable and layerable for a plumping gradient effect.


#01 POMERLOCO: Soft and warm coral
#02 ROSIENTAL: Moody toned down rose
#03 MUSKY: Brick red with orange and brown tones
#04 RADWOOD: Alluring deep woody red brown 
#05 BIBI CANDY: Pure vivid pink
#06 MAUVISH: Charming mauve
#07 COOL ROSE UP: Cool rosy plum
#08 CURRANT JAM: Fruity berry jam
#09 CORAL JUBILEE: Pure, bright coral.
#10 FUDGE RED: Classic, vivid red.
#11 FUCHSIA VIBE: Cool fuchsia pink.

Size: 5 g

How to use

Swipe lip tint across lips, layer as desired, and blend. For a gradient effect, apply to centre of lips, and gently blend outwards.