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NEEDLY Endoskiin Botoc Patch

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  • Experience the effective pluming & brightening dual functional Microneedle patch deep into your skin!

  • SKINCARE CONCERNS- Improve appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

  • HIGHLIGHTED INGREDIENTS: Hyaluronic acid- Low molecular weight for depth hydration | Cross-linked Hyaluronic acid – Longer lasting hyaluronic acid hydration | Acetyl Hexapeptide -8 (AHP-8) – improve skin firmness, elasticity and plumping

  • WHAT TO EXPECT - It's filled with different steps of skincare from surface to deep skin.
    A set of dissolving Microneedles target your wrinkles and fine lines deeply by 3 step skincare including toner, serum and patch.

  • Outstanding reduction of wrinkle proven by clinical trials.


Microneedle Patch Botoc Plus 2 patches x 17ml