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Needly Cicachid Soothing Ampoule

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Formulated with a high concentration of Japanese Cypress and Asiatic Centella hydrolate, this ampoule:

- Soothes Inflamed Skin
- Reduces skin sensitivity
- Relieves redness and irritation
- Prevents the appearance of acne
- Restores the moisture level in the skin
- Prevents Skin Dehydration
- Provides antioxidant protection



Japanese cypress hydrolate - has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect, reduces sensitivity and heals acne
Centella asiatica extract - soothes and regenerates the skin, improves skin microcirculation, provides antioxidant protection, reduces inflammation and irritation
Panthenol - restores the moisture level in the skin, has an anti-inflammatory and revitalizing effect
Trehalose - restores skin hydration and prevents skin dehydration
Betaine - restores the moisture balance of the skin, softens the skin and normalizes the production of sebum
Sodium hyaluronate - provides intense hydration and improves skin firmness and elasticity

- Light texture
- Absorbs quickly
- Leaves no stickiness or discomfort
- For all skin types
- Suitable for sensitive and problem skin
- Does not contain water

How to use
Apply to cleansed face, spreading well with a patting motion. After absorbing, cover with cream.


Size: 30 ml

How to use