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NEEDLY Skin Renewal Be Born Again Full Kit

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NEEDLY presents the Skin Renewal Be Born Again full kit. It contains NEEDLY Pad, Skin Renewal Be Born Again Patch, and Panthenol Ampoule. Change your skin destiny.

- Recommend to those who feel the rapid skin aging; have a trouble with loss of skin elasticity and firming; want high concentration of skin growth factor strengthening the natural skin power.

- NEEDLY's special shape and pitch of Microneedles firmly deliver even large molecules deep into skin.

- NEEDLY's patented technology, 'Gel-type CLHA (Super Hyaluronic Acid)' has a excellent feature of moisture swelling and sustainability.

- EGF+FGF, a high-quality and luxurious ingredient which is the top of the pyramid among numerous skincare substance.

- Easy application: apply patch before sleep and take it off next morning, recommend NEEDLY Ampoule after the application.


The kit contains:
NEEDLY Pad First Clearing: 1 ea / 8 g

NEEDLY Skin Renewal Be Born Again: 17 mg x 2 patches

NEEDLY Ampoule Real Active Panthenol: 2 ml