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Missha Super Aqua ultra water - full clear cream

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MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Waterfull Cream is clinically tested to keep skin moisturized for up to 24 hours and also controls sebum throughout the day.


This must-have moisturiser provides all-day hydration due to its formulation that easily absorbs into skin & forms a protective layer to seal-in moisture.

Super Aqua Ultra Water Full Cream revitalises deep from the skins core to reveal a youthful & radiant glow from the inside-out. Made from the mineral-rich bedrocks of the Blue Mountains in Australia. The Super Aqua Ultra Water Full Cream leaves the skin feeling refreshed, dewy & glowing.


All Day hydration

Gives skin a fresh, youthful glow

Great for oily, normal and combination skin types

Drenches your skin with moisture while forming a protective layer to seal in hydration

Infused with nourishing, mineral-rich bedrock water from the Blue Mountains of Australia

Melts into skin upon contact for a brightly dewy complexion that looks and feels healthier



Pure Mountain Bedrock Water – Fresh, clean, and clear bedrock water from a natural cave discovered at an altitude of 1,300m in the Blue Mountains of Australia

Baobab Seed Extract – Known for its ability to store water in dry desert climates, this extract draws water for a deep moisturising effect

Powerful Vitality Complex – A nutritious blend of essences found in plants whose life forces are resilient enough to survive and thrive in extreme climates:

Cactus Extract – Rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K, it actually contains 150% more vitamin E than argan oil and is more sustainable. It also contains nourishing fatty acids, antioxidants, omegas, amino acids, and of course, water.

Birch Tree Extract – Known for its skin healing and purifying properties, yet it also functions as an astringent.

Sap Extract is prized for its ability to reduce inflammation, purify, and hydrate skin. It contains 17 amino acids, minerals, enzymes, proteins, antioxidants, and vitamins, all of which are beneficial for your skin.