MISSHA Super Aqua Luxurious peeling gel

MISSHA Super Aqua Luxurious peeling gel

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A one step detoxifying peeling gel.

Contains detoxifying Caffeine, Chlorella & Camellia sinensis leaf, Carica papaya, Nelumbo nucifera seed, kiwi fruit  extracts , (Orange) fruit water to restore tired, stressed skin.

Formulated with fruit acids that slough away dead skin cells. Loaded with Morus Bombycis Root extracts for brightening effect Infused with soothing botanical ingredients to reduce skin irritation.

Reveals a clearer, smoother & revitalized complexion.

Net Wt. 3.38 fl oz / 100 ml

Clear And Glowing Skin

Fruit acid and papaya extract help turn dark and dull skin into clear and glowing skin.