Michelle Premium Modeling Mask Charcoal Canada Alginate Mask

Michelle Premium Modeling Mask Charcoal

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Michelle Premium Modeling Mask Charcoal (Pore + Sebum Care) Powder, 250g

Alginate (modeling) masks are an integral part of serious and competent home care for aging skin.

Initially, they were a purely salon procedure, but nowadays it is a completely affordable and easy to use mask. 

How do alginate masks work?

The basis of alginate masks are salts of alginic acid - a substance extracted from brown seaweed (algae).

When interacting with water or an activator, it turns into a creamy substance that quickly hardens in the open air.

The mask contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals, micro-elements and proteins to successfully fights against the signs of aging and a variety of skin imperfections.

As a result of using alginate masks, the skin becomes smooth, toned and elastic, inflammation and redness are removed, the pores are narrowed and the oily sheen is reduced. 

Alginate masks increase the effectiveness of serums or ampoules applied under them several times, since they create a coating that does not allow moisture and ingredients to evaporate and lightly presses on the skin, increasing the absorption of substances.

How to use

Mix the power 1:1 with water, stir well until uniform consistency is reached (free of lumps). Quickly apply even layer of paste to your face. Leave it on for 15-30 minutes until it fully hardens. When ready to remove mask, wet sides of mask first and peel it off.