MERBLISS WEDDING DRESS Intense Hydration Coating Nude Seal Mask

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Merbliss applies advanced pearl powder to your skin, filling it with moisture and forming a water-repellant barrier for long-term moisture retention. The transparent invisible nude seal sheet mask is light as a feather and has excellent adhesion and ventilation, which provides long lasting moisture retaining ability for over 30 minutes.

This face mask helps to brighten up skin tone and to deliver a global anti-aging treatment: super hydration, elasticity improvement, anti-wrinkle, smooth skin.

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Key Ingredients:

Pearl Powder: only use selected high quality perl powder, which contains enriched natural. mineral and amino acids, helps to form hydration coat on skin
Caviare extract : Caviare, known as "Black Diamonds" contains profound nourishment for skin care, such as vitamin and minerals, helps to maintain healthy skin condition.
Delicately manufactured with a top-quality fiber, this mask is soft like silk and deliver skin care ingredients more comfortably and effectively, deep in the skin.

This ultra-thin sheet mask (0.21mm) adhere closely to the skin, offers a easy and fast application on all face.