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Kosé Suncut Tone Up UV Essence

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Kosé Suncut Tone Up UV Essence is a Japanese protection essence that controls your skin color and minimizes dullness.

This innovative protection essence has lavender pigments to counteract dullness and color-correct your skin while protecting from UV.

The lavender color will make your skin instantly gorgeous without makeup,
while it will leave your skin look translucent.

Suncut Tone Up UV Essence has a watery, lightweight texture that absorbs fast and does not leave residues.


  • Skincare beauty components such as raspberry, lemon, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are blended to prevent dryness.
  • Suited for both face and body.
  • Super waterproof yet can be washed off with a face wash or soap.
  • Can be used as makeup base.


How to use:

Apply on your skin and spread evenly.


  • Net weight: 80 grams
  • Manufacturer: Kosé
  • Made in Japan