ISEHAN - Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Advanced Film 

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Cult favorite Long & Curl Mascara does just what it promises by adding amazing volume, length and curl to lashes, highlighting and beautifying eyes with every swipe.

A waterproof, long-lasting mascara that won’t irritate sensitive eyes.

Kiss Me (Japan) gives you a pair of big eyes just like the characters in Japanese comics!
The character Matumoto Maroyaka appeared on the packing is drawn by the famous
comics writer is Japan.

This is the 3rd generation of Kiss Me mascara, just newly released.


1. Waterproof Performance vs Easy to Remove Film Type
- it gives you waterproof* performance while the film-type also enable easy removal
by lukewarm water, or eye makeup remover

2. Curling Performance
- the special curling polymers allows your eyelashes curling up all day long

3. Long Up
- it contains 5mm long extension fibers for lengthening performance

4. Quick drying formula

5. Moisturizing Ingredients
- contains tsubaki oil, royal jelly extract, argan oil, and wild rose oil for lash nourishment

How to use
Lift up lashes from the base with the center part of the brush, then fine-tune
and shape with the brush end.