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3W Clinic

3W CLINIC Marine Collagen Balance Care Hair Fill Up

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A filler is a filler that instantly returns structural integrity, elasticity and silkiness to damaged hair. The resulting hair lamination effect does not differ in quality from the salon result. The filler instantly penetrates into the hair shaft, smoothes scales, fills in voids and damage to the structure, restores smoothness and healthy shine to the hair. Hair filler normalizes skin PH, restores hair weakened by colouring and perms.

The hair looks elastic and completely hydrated (the dry-ends effect disappears). The action begins immediately after the first use. LPP-keratin, PPT-collagen and ceramides penetrate deep into the hair structure, thickens damaged areas, smoothes scales, makes strands smooth and incredible shine.

How to use: The filler should be mixed with an equal volume of water in a non-metal container and wait a couple of minutes.

Then distribute through clean and dry hair, focusing on the ends and damaged areas. Better to warm your head with a towel or thermal cap. The effect is cumulative. Lamination effect. Can only be used on damaged hair ends.

After 20 minutes, rinse with just cool water.

Box contains 10pcs x 13ml