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Brillie Soul of Skin Perfect Grade Mask (Nobel Prize-winning)

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High content regeneration essence 35%

Highly concentrated essence, moisture content is higher than normal cotton material, so it moistens your skin for a long time FACE & NECK Care once!

One step management (Face - Neck 2 pcs, 1 SET) after exfoliating, laser procedure. Rejuvenation healing mask helps to solve the redness, damage against the external stimulation. Contains EGF for skin regeneration & anti-aging.

Uses Japan patented cupra sheet for enhancing the tightening and absorption force. It shows the excellent skin regeneration effectiveness.

Natural origin 100% cupra sheet cupra sheet shows higher density compared to 100% cotton. It helps to absorb the essence into the skin. Silky texture shows the excellent adhering force. This makes synergy effect with no color, no fragrance, no paraben concept formula.

Nobel Prize-winning EGF The EGF ingredients.