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BRILLIANT Loveheart Special Care Set

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This gift set consists of:

- BRILLIANT Loveheart Sparkling Gel - 50g

- BRILLIANT Loveheart Floral Gel Toner - 120g

- BRILLIANT Loveheart Wcare Platinum Cream - 50g

- BRILLIANT Lip Care Essence 10g


BRILLIANT Loveheart Sparkling Gel 

Effectively removes excess sebum, delivering oxygen to the skin. Suitable to sensitive skin, neutral PH 5.5. 


BRILLIANT Loveheart Floral Gel Toner

Gel Toner with 90% of Rose Centifolia Flower Water - excellent effect of skin soothing and moisturizing without stickiness to make silly and healthy.

The instantly gel formula made with chamomile flower extract and aloe gives skin a soft, fresh, clean, and incredibly comfortable feeling.

BRILLIANT Loveheart Wcare Platinum Cream 

3W Care - Wrinkle + Water + Whitening

Lightweight, perfectly moisturizing cream with anti-age effect. 


BRILLIANT Lip Care Essence

Lip essence to keep lips hydrated and healthy.