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📚Kits With Kids Event📚 Buy Any Kits, Get Stray Kids Hologram Photocards

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Buy Any Nacific Kit, Get 3 Stray Kids Hologram Photocards! Plus a group photo as shown.

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- 01 Fresh Herb Origin Kit

- Fresh Herb EM Soap 1pc
Fresh Herb Toner 30ml
Fresh Herb Serum 10ml
Fresh Herb Cream 20ml


- 02 Phyto Niacin Whitening Kit

- Fresh EM Soap 1pc
- Whitening Toner 30ml
- Whitening Essence 10ml
- Whitening Tone-Up Cream 20ml


- 03 AHA BHA Pink Kit

- Pink AHA BHA Toner 30ml
- Pink AHA BHA Serum 10ml
- Pink AHA BHA Cream 20ml
- Pink AHA BHA Cleansing Foam 30ml


- 04 Fresh Cica Plus Kit

Fresh Cica Plus Clear Toner 30ml
Fresh Cica Plus Clear Serum 10ml
Fresh Cica Plus Clear Cream 20ml
Fresh Cica Plus Clear Cleansing Foam 30 ml